Boots & Beards are seeking 2 new non-executive independent Trustees with skills, knowledge and experience that will add to the expertise of the existing Trust Board.


Boots & Beards are seeking 2 new non-executive independent Trustees with skills, knowledge and experience that will add to the expertise of the existing Trust Board.

Role Purpose

To monitor and support the development of Boots & Beards in keeping with its charitable objectives and act in the interest of the organisation.

Responsibilities and Duties

·       To take part in formulating and regularly reviewing the strategic aims of the organisation. Providing direction for its ongoing development including strategy, policy, annual plan, defining goals, setting targets and evaluating performance.

·       Work with other Trustees, to ensure that the policy and practices of Boots & Beards match their charitable defined objectives.

·       Act as a Guardian of the Trusts’ assets and advocate for and represent Boots & Beards positively at meetings, events or conferences.

·       To appoint CEO and set the terms and conditions of their appointment.

·       To work in partnership with, and support, CEO, General Manager, and other staff in achievement of organisations objectives and provide them with regular, constructive feedback of management and overall achievement.

·       To ensure the Trusts’ governance and administration is of the highest possible standard.

·       Attend all meetings of the Trust Board and reflect annually on the organisation’s performance and own performance as a Trustee.

·       Maintain absolute confidentiality of sensitive or confidential information received in the course of your role.

·       Support any actions required in order to achieve and maintain an appropriate level of diversity and equality within staff and board in accordance with Diversity and Equality policies.

·       Work with other Trustees, to exercise effective control, ensuring that the association functions within the legal and financial requirements of a charitable organisation and strives to achieve best practice.

·       Oversee sound financial management of Boots & Beards resources through reading and evaluating regular financial reports and ensuring that expenditure is in line with objectives and accepted standards and policies.

Board Responsibilities

·       To attend all meetings of the full Trust Board, which are held at least four times each year.

·       Preparing for and taking full part in meetings. This will require the use of a Trustee’s specific skills, knowledge and experience to:

o   Scrutinise Trust Board papers

o   Lead and engage in discussions

o   Identify and focus on key issues

o   Provide guidance on new initiatives and other issues in which the Trustee has special expertise

Person Specification

The following core areas are sought as essential:

Knowledge & Experience

·       Leadership/resource/people management, or

·       Leading Strategic planning from a senior management role,


·       Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing at all levels

·       Able to think objectively and make sound, independent judgements

Personal Qualities

·       Commitment to the organisation and alignment with its purpose and vision

·       An understanding of equity, safeguarding, and inclusion

·       Willingness and ability to devote the necessary time and effort to the work of Boots & Beards

·       Strategic vision

·       Good, independent judgement

·       Ability to think creatively

·       Ability to work effectively as a member of a team

·       Ability to offer strong support to staff, while standing back from everyday activities.

·       A positive & proactive approach to the role

In addition to the above, the following areas have been identified as desirable areas of expertise we are particularly interested in recruiting to our Trust Board:

·       Finance / accountancy

·       Fundraising (charitable, commercial and / or grants)

·       Legal

·       Health and / or social care

·       Human Resources

·       Sports background (elite, volunteer and / or coaching)

·       Experience of working with traditionally "hard to reach" groups

·       Community development

·       Personal development

·       Public sector knowledge / engagement

Applicants with broad experience across a number of the above areas, or with a high level of specialist knowledge in the key areas of finance, human resources, health, legal or sport at policy making /elite level will be considered.

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