Berghaus Jacket Winner

“On Sunday the 19th of March, I was lucky enough to spend an extremely pleasant morning in the good company of Boots and Beards walking group. Heading for the modest but plentiful peak of Meikle Bin in the Kilsyth Hills, I had been invited along to give advice on photography in the outdoors.

I was greeted with warm smiles and hearty characters who made the walk very enjoyable indeed. With mixed weather, wind, rain and sunshine in the space of 3 hours or so, the group and I made it to the summit and back in good time to allow the whole afternoon for spending time with family or preparing for the coming week. This being a vital aspect of the walks Boots and Beards organise as many of the group are small business owners and have precious little free time to get outside and enjoy the outdoors.

I was asked to judge a photography competition from the walk, picking the best photo taken by participants on the day. It was a tough decision indeed!

I did, however, decide on a winner...

One photo stood out from the rest. Although similar to one taken by another participant, I felt the framing of my winner was superior and well thought out. Well composed, with enough interest in the foreground to grab attention and the rest of the frame filled by the beautiful view we all enjoyed on the walk. The subject of the photo being another participant taking a photograph of his own. Just enough wispy cloud in the sky reminding me of the changeable weather we experienced, framing the reservoir far below giving a satisfying sense of height and elevation.

Congratulations Balal, a worthy winner of a brand new jacket!”

— Euan Ryan