Weekly Male & Females Sessions. Every Monday & Thursday

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The badminton club is suitable for 14 years+. Beginner or advanced players are welcome.

No skills are required other than a willingness to pick up a racquet and hopefully hitting the shuttle cock. Everyone is reaping the rewards of some friendly competition. 

Benefits of Badminton

  • Improve muscle strength

  • Improves heart functioning

  • It helps to reduce stress

  • Boost your metabolism rate

  • Strengthens your bones

  • Improves mental agility

  • Increases your reflex action

  • Helps with weight loss

  • Decreases the risk of diabetes

  • Increases your lung capacity 

  • Improve your hand-eye coordination

What should you bring?

  • Racquet

  • Comfortable sports clothing

  • Trainers

  • Feather shuttlecocks if desired

Club options

We offer a range of badminton sessions for men and women. Singles and Doubles session can be booked as monthly blocks or pay on the day. We also host 4 weekly coaching badminton sessions throughout the year. 

  • Boots & Beards Men's Badminton Club (14+)

  • Bonnie Boots Women's Badminton Club (14+)

Want to play?

Every week the badminton coordinator will open up reservations with a message. All you need to do is put your name down on the list and that's you booked in for that session.

We collect payment in cash or card (contactless) on the badminton session day.

To book a free 30 minute taster session please email here

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Rules of Badminton

We would encourage you to read through our club rules before joining.


- Members are encouraged to bring their own badminton racquets for play.
- Members should dress in appropriate sports clothing and trainers suitable for court.
- The Club has some badminton racquets available if needed, but is not a permanent provision.
- Plastic shuttlecocks are provided by the Club.
- Members may also use their own shuttles if they wish.
- Feather shuttlecocks are not provided by the Club – members are to supply their own feather shuttlecocks.
- Posts and nets are provided by the Club.



- Wait for activity coordinator to assign courts and players.
- Courts should be swept prior to play.
- Club shuttles will be provided by badminton coordinator.
- All shuttles should be returned to badminton coordinator end of session.
- Gymnasium should be checked to ensure no equipment is left out, or left behind.



- The 21-point rally system will be used to score sets; however, players are welcome to also use the traditional scoring system (15 points) if agreed upon.
- Once game is complete allow for waiting players to start a new game. 
- No member should continually remain on court playing new matches. You must be mindful of waiting members. 
- Multi-set matches are permitted if attendance is low and court availability permits.
- Singles matches are allowed only if attendance permits during a Double block.


- Respect between members is to be maintained at all times.
- Abusive, violent and harassing behaviour (physical, verbal, visual, etc.) will not be tolerated at any time
- Badminton coordinator reserves the right to eject, or ban members who exhibit inappropriate behaviour

Frequently Asked Questions

I am unable to attend one of my block sessions. Can I send someone else in my place?

Yes, you can send a friend or family member to a session as your replacement.

Please let the badminton support line 07751 857737 know via text message 24 hours before the session.

The badminton monthly block has already started. Can I still join if there is a space?

Yes, you can join and pay for the remaining badminton sessions of that block. Please note if

there is a space left in the monthly block this will be advertised on the badminton events

page. Alternatively email

I am unable to attend one or more of my sessions. Can I get a refund for that block?

We are unable to refund any payments made due to cancellation or non-attendance.