Black Lives Matter


World communities are going through many challenges, especially with the recent outbreak of Covid-19. Everything from not being able to provide food for families due to job losses to mental health have devastated communities globally and to think that nothing could top this, we are now having to deal with racial discrimination - in 2020.

News stories such as the brutal death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer in America and on our very own backyard, Sheku Bayoh, has shown inequality, racism and discrimination still scar black peoples’ lives across the world and does not do any favours for organisations like us who are trying to promote positive causes.

Boots & Beards was founded on the principles of diversity and inclusion because we’re stronger together. Yet these principles are not a reality for many around the world and we hope that organisations’ work with BAME groups to ensure they speak on behalf of a diverse group.

We stand in solidarity with all black communities in the UK, America and around the world and renew our commitment to bringing about the change needed to eradicate racism and discrimination.

Whilst there is no individual/group who is striving in the area of getting more BAME individuals involved, ourselves included, we do appreciate assistance from the following organisations which have been provided since our inception in 2016. These organisations have assisted us in getting more BAME individuals in the outdoors to better their lives and the lives of their families. We sincerely hope this is ‘phase 1’ and that future endeavours will result in more individuals from BAME backgrounds represented in more areas.

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