Cemvo Scotland Impact Awards - Volunteer Community Champion

My main vision within this Forestry Commission ...

I am honoured and humbled to have accepted this award. My main vision within this Forestry Commission programme was to engage with others in our local community in a woodland based environment. Through this programme, I gained sufficient training, support and funding which allowed us to tackle issues such as mental health, stress/depression and bonding time with kids and their parents #xboxculture.

I feel privileged that my abilities to channel my skills through social media has contributed to a positive outcome in our local community to unravel the sheer beauty at our doorstep, especially for our younger generation and those who are suffering from the issues which I just mentioned.  It’s one of the credible changes which we face in today’s society.

Moreover, this award is a testament to Naveed and Kashif, who both have worked closely alongside me and have played a pivotal part in assisting me with the VCC sessions.

There are a lot of people that I need to thank, my apologies if i've left you out. I'd like to thank all the VCC participants enrolled on this years programme whom i've had the pleasure in gaining valuable knowledge. The Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park (Allison, Anna, Simon & the entire team) have been a huge help in assisting, supporting and facilitating us right from the get-go. Rosie from the Mountains & People liased with us on one of the sessions for our VCC programme and this allowed for a smooth operation for us and our community to enjoy on the day. Clark and the John Muir team were of immense help, they have been extremely supportive and provided me with creative ideas on how to engage with people in the wild.

Furthermore,  I would like to extend my gratitude in receiving this award and to personally thank the Forestry Commission Scotland (Romena & Sadia) for their ongoing support, training and funding which allowed us to address issues within our community - and Craig Thompson from Operation Play Outdoors who equiped me with the essential training on engagement in the outdoors.