Outdoor First Aid Training

There couldn't be a better way in launching our blog section ...


There couldn't be a better way in launching our blog section, we've just completed our First Aid Training Course this weekend! Yay! All three of us attended the course, courtesy of Forestry Commission Scotland, and successfully passed. We felt it was necessary in all of us undertaking this course in the event of an emergency.

The course was well taught, thanks Cory Jones! It surely helps having a great trainer with a good sense of humour. The course itself was detailed and extremely thorough. We got to practice in an indoor and outdoor environment which helped us to prepare for real life situations. One has to re-take the course every three years, it makes sense to get a refresher and to stay relevant to all procedures. If you are interested in us demonstrating first aid procedures on a walk, please feel free to ask and we may run a session depending on interest.

For me at least, i'm glad I took part in this programme as I have gained a lot of knowledge, not related specifically to hiking but in day-to-day situations that may arise in the home.

Have a go through the images below from the session. If you have any questions regarding the outdoor first aid course, don't be shy in asking below and we'll do our best to respond.