Press Release on Ben Nevis

Boots & Beards are shocked by the events that took place on Ben Nevis Summit yesterday (August 2nd 2021) and strongly condemn what happened. The racist message displayed on Ben Nevis ignores the colonial history of the UK. It erases the role played by black and ethnic minority groups that have helped shape and build this country.

As a community group, Boots & Beards are encouraging people from all backgrounds, especially those under-represented in the outdoors, to get outside and enjoy all of Scotland. We want people from all backgrounds to feel safe and comfortable while enjoying the wonderful natural environment that UK has to offer.

Ben Nevis is one of Scotland’s most iconic attractions and tourism is an important part of our economy. Our country is proud to welcome people from all over the world. There’s no place for racism in any part of our society today.

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Nav Bakhsh

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