Tinto Hill near Biggar, Lanark

With my life going at a hundred miles an hour and many tasks stuck in my head to do I sometimes feel the pressure of the whole world on my little noggin.

Woke up on the Sunday morning feeling awful after a night of restless sleep and was not looking forward to the day’s hillwalk. Grumpily I exited the bed and I made sure to make good on my commitment and not let the group down who were patiently waiting for me.

Once we had reached our wilderness location and with Tinto hill ahead of me, this was one walk that was going to need every ounce of energy to complete. As we walked up, the banter was in full swing and I started to feel more relaxed.

Halfway up the hill and the energy in me was draining away but the motivation from the group was immense, they would not let me deviate from our goal to get to the top. Using this I was able to refocus and will my way to the top in which we had reached. It was very windy up there !!!

As we walked back down I had realised that I had not thought of my problems once and was feeling great. The achievement of reaching the top gave me the inspiration to deal with any problem that now comes my way.

What I took away from this walk was that however hard your troubles, there is always a solution and this can be achieved individually or as a team. The hardest step for me is the first step, maybe more walks will help me going forward. See you all soon Boots and Beards on the next walk.

Kash Butt